Spring Auction 2019


Sunday 7th April 2019

We will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment at the

Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG.

Doors open at 10.30am and Auction starts at 11am. Please try not to arrive before 10.30am.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and a licensed bar has been applied for.

Admission to the auction is free. We look forward to seeing you there.

Due to the new regulations brought in last year and feedback from other auctions, if you wish to make a purchase at our auctions you MUST be in possession of a Polystyrene box with a lid or a thermal box/bag (the sort used to keep picnic food cool/warm) to put any purchases in to keep them warm, otherwise we CANNOT sell to you. Please see the 2019 edition of our Code of Practice for more information. A limited number of insulted carrier bags will be available on the day for a returnable deposit. Polystyrene boxes are usually available for purchase during the auction, although this is not guaranteed.


PLEASE NOTE: Smoking is strictly prohibited within the building and this includes E-cigarettes. Also it is now council policy that no dogs are permitted in the building.


For further details, including booking an auction lot,

please contact

e-mail: rhaqua@hotmail.co.uk

Please Note : Auction Lots can only be booked from 12 midnight on 7th March 2019.

As booking a lot requires confirmation that the seller will comply with our Code of Practice (link below) in advance, we can no longer accept lot entries on the day. All lots MUST be booked in by 5.00pm on Saturday 6th April 2019 AT THE VERY LATEST.

We're also on Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/524581947558898/

Click HERE for the auction rules and buying at auction guide.


We have been notified by sellers of the items below that will hopefully be at the auction.

***PLEASE NOTE*** There are no guarantees that these items will definitely be available as unforeseen circumstances before the day cannot be accounted for.

Also, this is certainly not a full list of what will be available, it's only what we know of so far and many sellers do not notify us what they intend to bring along. It's not just a fish and plant auction, there will also be various items of second-hand equipment available along with live food cultures.If you are coming for anything specific on the list, let us know and we will try to ascertain from the seller if the item is at risk of not being there and let them know that someone is interested in that item.


The items listed below have only been declared by only 13 sellers, we currently have lots from 23 individual sellers booked in for the auction.


Fish & Invertebrates

Blue Panda Roundtail Guppies

Red Swordtails

Green Swordtails

Pineapple Swordtails

Montezuma Swordtails Xiphophorus Montezuma

Japanese Blue Endlers

Limia vittata

Black Mollies

Black Chin Livebearers Girardinus metallicus

Catemaco Swordtail Xiphophorus milleri

Ilyodon xantusi

Albino Bristlenose Catfish

Pairs Brown Bristlenose Catfish

L144 Bristlenose Catfish

Blue Star Endlers

L142 Snowball Plec

L129 Hypancistrus Columbian Zebra Plec

L397 Panaqolous sp.

Rio Tocatins Ancistrus

Albino Bristlenose Catfish

Black Cory, Corydoras schultzei Black

Gold Laser Cory, Corydoras sp. CW010

Black Spotted Green Swordtails

Catemaco Swordtails, Xiphophorus milleri

Boesemani Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia boesemani

Parkinsonís Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia parkinsoni

Black Bar Endlers

Peacock Endlers

Snakeskin guppies

Brown Bristlenose Ancistrus

Albino Bristlenose

Calico Bristlenose

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Breeding Pair Super Red Bristlenose

Yellow Neocaridina Shrimp

Yucatan Swordtails

Pairs of Brown Bristlenose

Brown Bristlenose




L159 ancistrus Pair (Rare)

Blue Grass Guppies

Red Grass Guppies

Black Metal Lace Guppies

Longfin Albino Male Bristlenose

Pepper Cory

Silverado Endlers

Pink Moscow Guppies



Japan blonde Guppy group

Apistogramma macmasteri pair

Pair Banjo Catfish

Calico Bristlenose Pair

Lemon Bristlenose Adults

Peocilia Mexicans Campheche Pair

Red Russian Lace Guppies

Liberty Mollies

Panda Corys

Mixed Guppies

Mixed Endlers

Blackbar Endlers

Orchid Endlers

Orange Shimmer Guppies

Red Ramshorn Snails

Mixed Pairs Swordtails

Ecarlet Endlers

Tiger Endlers

2 Male Super Red Bristlenose

Mixed Male Endlers

Anomalochromis thomasi

Astatotilapia burtoni

Astatotilapia caliptera Chizumulu Blue

Xenotoca eiseni

L136 angelicushypancistrus

L144 Longfin and Short fin Bristlenose

Breeding Group of Corydoras duplicareus

Corydoras aeneus



Pair Adult Albino Longfin Bristlenose

Adult L144 Lemon Longfin Bristlenose

Red Platy

Assorted Angelfish

Balloon Molly

Galaxy Platy

Zebra Danio

Micropoecilia bifurca

Limia vittata

Leopard Endlers

Cherry Shrimp

Tiger barbs

Albino tiger barbs

Polka dot loach

Yo-yo loach

Clown loach 2"


Otocinclus affinis


Medium angelfish

Cherry barb

Bronze corydoras

Peppered corydoras

Albino corydoras

Glowlight rasbora

Zebra danio

Asssorted gourami

Rabbit snails

Amazon puffer

Boesemani rainbow

Serpae tetra

Green cobraguppy

Full red male guppy

Blue moscowguppy

Blue cobra guppy

Bumble bee guppy

White moscow guppy

Lyretail kohaku swordtails

Redtail splitfin goodeid

Full black male show guppy

Elephant nose

L144a blue eyed lemon ancistrus breeding trio

Black ghost knife

Orange sunkist crystal shrimps

Yellow cherry shrimp

Red rilli shrimp

Black rilli shrimp

Crowntail male fighter

Female crowntail fighter fish

Fire eel 4"

XL peppered corydoras

Large schultzei corydoras

XL albino corydoras

Large julii corydoras

Breeding group of 4x sterbai corydoras

Dwarf rainbow snakehead

Snow white female ancistrus

Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian red kribs breeding pair

XXL breeding pair brown bristlenose

Corydoras schultzei

L144a lemon shortfin bristlenose


L333 King tiger plecs

Brown bristlenose unknown numbers

Rosey barbs

Tiger barbs

Male bristlenose

Rainbow shark

Tailand flying foxís

Pike chiclid

Adult angels

Young angels

Sun catfish

Giant Danios


Male endlers


Aquarium Grown Plants


Java Moss

Java Fern

Anubias barteri

Mixed moss

Guppy Grass

Amazon frogbit


Other Items


Microworm cultures

Walterworm cultures

Bananaworm cultures

Live Culture containers


Plants on Bogwood

Fish food



How to Get to the Auction (SATNAV settings (Post Code) NG11 9DG)

Highbank Community Centre is at the junction of Farnborough Road & Southchurch Drive Clifton.

From The South: - Leave M1 at junction 24 (Nott'm south) along the A435 to Nott'm past power station on left until at a traffic island at the Crusader public house. Turn right towards Gotham travel along for approximately 400 to 500 mtrs. Where road widens turn left, into Farnborough Road. The centre is on the right.

From The North and West: - Leave M1 at Junction 25, A52 to Nott'm. Follow A52 towards Grantham past the Queens Medical Centre on your left over a flyover. Follow signs A453 Birmingham & M1 south over a complex of bridges to traffic lights with a left filter lane in bus stop, turn left into Farnborough Road and follow the road. The centre is on the left.

From The East:- Take A52 Towards Nott'm (from the A46 Fosse Way) heading towards Trent Bridge. At the traffic lights at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground turn left onto A60 (Loughborough). Follow signs A453, M1 south, under the complex of bridges to traffic lights with a left filter lane in a bus stop, turn left into Farnborough Road, follow the road along. The centre is on the left.


Created by Richard Wallis, edited by Matt.